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10 things about Cleveland Clinic you need to know as patients

Medical centres and hospitals around the world are facing tough competition. But Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit group, has managed to stay on top. Are you looking for healthcare services? If so, Cleveland Clinic is the place to be for the best care. Here are 10 facts that are sure to build your confidence in Cleveland Clinic.

1. Proud history

Back in 1921, a group of four physicians founded Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. They were inspired by the efficiency of military medicine. Their goal was to develop a leading medical centre. Cleveland Clinic was to provide exceptional healthcare to its patients. It would also find solutions to the most critical medical issues. The founders believed in teamwork, which plays a key role in the way Cleveland Clinic functions.

2. Wide presence

Cleveland Clinic has locations in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Toronto, and Abu Dhabi. It is an integrated healthcare delivery system serving patients around the world. Cleveland Clinic has resources around the globe to assist in providing customized healthcare to patients.

3. Patient care is the priority

The goal is to provide each patient with world class care and improve their quality of life. Compassion is a value integral to the hospital and practiced by every caregiver. Every aspect of the functioning of Cleveland Clinic revolves around one question: What is best for the patient?

4. Many firsts

Cleveland Clinic has had many clinical breakthroughs since its founding. Among these are:

>> the first coronary artery bypass

>> the first successful larynx transplant

>> the discovery of coronary angiography

>> the first kidney surgery though the navel

>> the first near-total face transplant

It is also a pioneer in robotic and laparoscopic surgeries. With so many innovati ..

5. Dedicated expertise

Around 3,400 staff physicians across the hospital provide medical care to patients. Owing to the unique model, Cleveland Clinic physicians treat the most complex medical cases in the world where multiple specialists collaborate and work together to provide specialized medical care.

6. Consistent performance

Cleveland Clinic ranked second among America’s Best Hospitals, as per the U.S. News and World Report of 2016-17. For the 22nd year in a row, it ranked number one in heart care in America. The urology and nephrology specialities came in second. Meanwhile, 13 other specialties featured in the Top 10, including nine in the Top 3.

7. Institute Model

Cleveland Clinic has a patient-centered model based around single diseases or organ systems. Each institute combines medical and surgical services at the same location under the same leadership. This model fosters coordination, improves patient access, allows experts to act as a team and provides optimal treatment for patients.

8. Continued focus on research

Continuous research is essential to find solutions to the most difficult medical problems. About 1,500 scientists and staff at their Lerner Research Institute focus on medical research. They aim to discover the causes of and develop new treatments for different diseases.

9. Technology in healthcare

To stay updated with developments in medicine, tracking developments in technology is important. Cleveland Clinic deploys technology in clinical research and in finding solutions to medical problems. They been a leader in developing an electronic medical record (EMR). This is a comprehensive medical records system. This gives doctors and staff access to a patient’s medical history anytime, anywhere.

10. Recognition by the President

Having the President of a country acknowledge your work is no mean feat. President Barack Obama named Cleveland Clinic ‘one of the best medical systems in the world’.

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